Saturday, July 01, 2006

O Canada!

Like many liberal residents of the United States, I am a big fan of Canada. For those of us below the border, our neighbor to the north appears as a land of milk and honey, filled with friendly, polite, multi-lingual folks with an actual health care system (versus the hodge-podge of programs we rely on down here). I recognize that my overly rosy view is probably related to a lack of knowledge about the everyday realities of life in Canada. That aside, I but I have to say that over the months that I have been blogging I have met some really cool Canadian moms. In fact, a quick check of the sitemeter shows that a strikingly high percentage of visitors to this site are Canadian.* Chris and I have a running joke about it, and wonder whether I should adjust my spelling when typing colour, manoeuvre or centre.

So, to all my Canadian blog-pals: I enjoy your visits and love popping north of the internet border to read about your lives. Happy Canada Day!

*Well, there is the occasional visitor from some place like Kampong Baharu Nilai, Malaysia who finds me while searching for "photo of girl who did not wear anything", but I notice that those folks rarely stay around long. Then again... this week a visitor from Doha, Qatar who was looking for "big nipple" stuck around for more than two mintues!


  1. Aw, thanks! We Canucks always love a little attention from our neighbours to the south.

  2. Thanks for this. You know you and Mrs.. Chicky really need to look into the phenomenon of Canadian bleader love.

    And, tho' I don't think I'll pull off the post I was thinking about writing something to all you guys in the States. You know tho' it seems unlikely among our international friends we really don't know any Americans! until we blogged anyway!

  3. i'm with ya. i have a strong affevtion for the canadian bloggers too. the whole country for that matter!

  4. What a lovely post! I really ought to send you some Tim Hortons coffee :)

  5. Well, this Canadian likes you too! (Shuffles, scuffs toe in sand.)

  6. Thanks for the well wishes. Hope your Independence Day was happy too.

    Time to put on a bunnyhug and drink some Vico. I'm talking crazy Canadian Prairie mumbo jumbo.