Friday, July 07, 2006

No one should get five shots in one day

A few highlights from Ada's first week as a one year old:

At Ada's 12 month doctor visit, we learned that the girl continues to be the tallest one year old in the neighborhood - 30 inches (93rd percentile for girls her age). His dad doesn't like to admit it, but one day soon she is going to outpace Monkey Boy. And then I will cry, because the clothing hand-me-down gravy-train will stop.

Also at the appointment, poor Miss Ada suffered through five shots. Nurse Mike had charmed Ada through the weighing and measuring (yeah, you just try not to laugh when a 40-something, heavyset, balding male nurse does his Donald Duck impression). Things went south quickly when Mike returned with five needles after the doctor left the room. We also learned that band-aids do not protect the wearer from sunburn.

Earlier that week Ada joined Monkey Boy for a dip in the pool and some snacks. Everyone loves watermelon, right? Well, it is even better after your young friend dumps the entire contents of the bowl over his crotch, returns the pieces to the bowl, and then offers you one of the marinated chunks. Also delicious are the cereal bits that stuck to MB's watermelon juiced body after Ada tossed some cereal on the blanket. Mmmm, scroti-Os.

On Ada's actual birthday, it was way too hot to bake a cake, so Ada got ice cream instead. A few days later, Ada's nu-nu Ellen brought over a beautiful cake. It turns out that (no surprise) Ada likes chocolate cake. I was a little worried, since Chris prefers lemon to chocolate, but apparently his weird tastes were not transferred to her genetically.

Um, does anyone else notice something is burning?

Oh MY, that's GOOD.

What do you mean I can't eat the whole cake?


  1. I hate that they do the 5 shots. And yes, she is tall. We always thought Q was tall - but I think she's just a skinny minnie with long legs (she's around 34 inches at 2... average, I guess).

    Very cute b-day pics!

  2. LOVE the pics! I hate SHOT days.. It just breaks my heart! 5 is just way too many!

    My kido is in the 95%... they guestimate above 6 feet tall!
    You think that is accurate?

  3. That last picture is priceless!

  4. poor girl! the shots are no fun. ice cream always makes me feel better after the girls get shots, maybe that will help you, too? i guess you could try some motrin for A.

    oh, and we're quickly outgrowing the 2T stuff, and it should be long enough to get her through the next 6 months or so. after that, maybe you should consider some sort of leg binding?

  5. that last picture is hilarious!

  6. so so cute! that A is going to out grow my boy any day now too. yay for the tall girl!

  7. AHAHAHA Scroti-O's! Ew.

    I miss you guys. Wish we lived closer.

  8. She. Is. So. CUTE. OMG.

    Love the pouty mad face. The 'whatchoo talkin' 'bout?' face. Fabulous.

    And - Ada and WB can form a tall girls club - WB is over 28 inches at 7 and a half months... (her dad is 6'5, so that's not surprising, but still. Women's NBA here we come.)

  9. That last photo is too much. I felt like I was getting grounded when I looked at it.

  10. love the photos of the birthday moment.

    i must say that bit of info about the band-aids is quite interesting.