Monday, July 31, 2006

The Breast Of Us

I loved my nursing bras. I loved their comfort, the easy access they afforded.

But then, at about 11 months, suddenly I was done. I was tired of wearing, washing and wearing the same four bras all the time. I was tired of the big strip of elastic around my chest. I was tired of the way my newly shrunken to their former size breasts sagged in them. It made me feel dumpy and dowdy. I might as well have hiked my skirt up in old-lady fashion.

So I switched. I washed the nursing bras one last time and unceremoniously dumped them in the bag of maternity clothes I've got stashed at the back of Ada's closet. Out came the pre-pregnancy bras, the B-cups of my past. And Oh! how great it is to wear them again. Today I slipped on a purple one and covered it with a tight-fitting shirt. Hello old friends! So good to see you again!

* ** * ** * ** *

After I wrote this earlier this week, I read this post about bra shopping. After getting over my fear that people would just think I'd read Izzy's post and copied her, I felt a bit glad that others are going through the same boob-shrinkage issues. Then I started worrying about conservation of matter and its impact on my body. If matter is neither created or destroyed, when my breasts shrunk back down, where does the matter go? Hopefully not to the backs of my arms. I'm already feeling a little insecure about them right now.


  1. Whatever comments you've seen on my blog about my boobs this weekend, trust me, it's alllllll about the bras. B cup? I WISH. These DDs need all the help they can get and nursing bras were. not. help.

    Hope the old girls enjoy the old friends!

  2. I, too, have returned to the sweet valley of the b-cup. I'm so happy to be back. I felt welcomed by my old bras. (Now I want some new ones to feel even more zippy about.)

  3. I just went up a nursing bra size with the new guy.. weird

  4. Mine has DEFINITELY gone to the back of my arms. I'm still trying to figure out how to get it back where it belongs.

  5. Lucky you...slipping back into the B cups.
    I went from the DD Nursing, wait, those pre-PG c-cups are too big! Yes, down to the B cups. Which meant--new bras...but smaller ones.

    Aint life grand?
    My son literally sucked the life out of my breasts.

  6. I god, I hated nursing bras too. So glad I was to get back into normal ones.

    But as I keep telling despairing moms - when I first stopped nursing and deflated, I literally cried when I caught sight of my withered ta tas in the mirror one day. BUT the good news is - they've totally staged a comeback and are only very slightly saggier, so it may not be the end of the road for having a nice rack. Give them some time.

  7. I've pondered this question as well. I started out with next-to-nothing, then nursed for nearly 3 out of 4.5 years. So, as you can imagine, what was next-to-nothing is now...nothing at all.