Friday, July 21, 2006

Bathroom Mysteries

Questions I would ask Ada if I thought she'd give me a straight answer:

What suddenly makes the bathroom the most appealing room in the house?

Why do you prefer to wallow in your own poop rather than allow a diaper change?

Is it so that you can hear your father say things like: "If I give you my wallet, will you . . . rub it in your poo?"*

What makes the toilet such an attractive plaything?

How do your father and several adult visitors to the house toss diapers in the diaper pail without noticing there is no bag in it?

Do you actually like blueberries, or do you eat them just to make your poop turn aqua?

*Actual sentence uttered by Chris this week.


  1. Ha. Q doesn't care much about the bathroom.

    But she loves closets...

  2. What is it about those blueberries!! The first time we had that blueberry poo it was frightening!!