Monday, June 05, 2006

Wow, I'm First!

Something is annoying me about popular blogs. (You know, folks who regularly get 30 or more comments, whether they've written something introspective and soul-searching, something hilarious, or even when they've just logged on to say "ooh, I burped.") Now, I've got nothing against these popular blogs themselves. I mean, they are popular for a reason. Their authors are good writers - funny, interesting and charming. I get why people read them. I mean, I'm reading them, right? I have no beef with these women and men.

What annoys me isn't the bloggers themselves. It is the commenters that bug me. Specifically, the first commenter. The one who writes "yay, I'm first". Is that all you've got? I mean, why the fuck comment if you don't actually have something to say about the post? It isn't a skill that has brought you to this "esteemed" position. No, it's luck or good timing or obsessive blog-checking. Or all three, I don't know. But it isn't something worth gushing over. Next time please celebrate silently about your first comment "status" and just write something about your response to the post, your experience in a similar situation to the blogger's, or your thoughts on a related subject. Just spare us the self-congratulatory inanity.

Updated for Irony: Sitemeter says that someone in the Phillipines found me by searching for "popular blogs". Um, wrong place, hon. Try Dooce.


  1. Yay! I'm...

    Just kidding. You've hit the nail smack on the head. That's a huge pet peeve of mine too. I enjoyed reading your take on it.

  2. I'm so with you. The only thing good about the "I'm first!" exclamation is having it show up as the third or fourth comment.



  3. Amen sister! I'm with you. Thanks for your comments this weekend. I enjoy your blog- Ill be back!

  4. While I've probably done it, I agree it's annoying.

    Go figure.

  5. i honestly had no idea people did that. lame-o. i guess i need to pay more attention when i'm reading!

  6. yeah, i'm 6th!
    lucky me!
    i got nothing to say here!
    'cept uh-huh!

  7. I completely agree with you. It's partly why I don't end up commenting half the time. I mean why bother if I've got nothing to say that hasn't already been said besides a "yay, look at me, I'm commenting on a popular blog so I must be popular right?". Of course I reserve the right to sometimes come up with a lame comment but I blame it on my brain freezing up the moment I open up the Leave your comment box.

  8. That shit used to drive me crazy on Dooce's website. Never really seen it anywhere else. But I have to say that my pet peeve is when people write rude & anonymous comments on people's blogs. WTF? What's with all the chicken shits?

  9. Um, riffing on metrodad,

    I have a peeve about folks who use the comments as their own mini-blog. Like three or four comments on the same post but sometimes comments are longer than what the post was... damn weird.

    First visit, liking your stuff. And your kiddo is gorgeous.

  10. mine is LOL. hate it with a passion. however, this post actually *is* laugh-out-loud funny. the clincher is the last sentence. nice.

    but I'm totally with you on the "I'm first" b.s. it's just so darned nerdy. and not nerdy in a good way. it reeks of the same mentality that must be required in order to list Celine Dion as a musical favorite. etc.


  11. I totally agree with you. It the thoughts that count not who hit the blog first....

    WoW Gold