Saturday, May 27, 2006

Two clothing changes and holding

Ada decided to start the weekend by politely vomiting breast milk into her sleeper. Really, it was almost demure. To distract me from the vomiting (oh thank goodness that playdate didn't work out yesterday), I am fiddling with photos.

Ada and a new friend

Can you see the crown of bruises on her forehead
from her attempts to stand on her own?

Just one outfit from the TWO BAGS
of adorable clothes we got from a swell Portland pal

Our current favorite game

By the time I am typing this at 5 in the afternoon, we haven't seen any more vomit for 8 hours and our own emissary of emesis seems to be on the mend. If we are lucky she might even eat something for dinner.

[Edited to include: Hmm, apparently the 9 bites of applesauce were a bit much for her tummy, as they came back up after the bath. Unsure how to proceed without some Ada-Mama time in the rocking chair, I foolishly nursed my clearly hungry child. That came up too. Worn out by all this food-in-then-out (not to mention the attendant costume changes), Ada gratefully fell into bed and is drifting off to sleep. My fingers are crossed as I type.]


  1. poor little barfy girl. so cute though. i hope she (and you) sleep well tonight and wake up feeling great!

  2. poor little sick thing. but she appears to be in good spirits! at least you have that going for you. hope she feels better soon! hang in there.

  3. Is that an elastic band on the cupboard behind her for childproofing?>>

    If it is I triple duper, love you nlg! I use the multicoloured yarn double bow on my china cabinet, hope you don't think I'm too anal!

  4. poor sick girl! stomach bugs are no fun. what was it that Aarin suggested? white wine? is Ada too young to break out crack open a bottle of sauvignon blanc?

    the brightside? she looks pretty freaking cute in the little hawaiian suit!

  5. I hope you all woke to a better morning. Lily got the bug, but we managed to avoid it as it hit on her night with the grandparents, in their bed no less. I'm hoping it was a quick bug that has already passed. I'm crossing my fingers as well.

    oh, and we totally rock the rubber band babyproofing at our house. It actually works quite well, for now.

  6. Stomach bugs are scary for little ones and messy for the parents.

    But she's just as adorable in those photos as ever. I love the new outfit!

  7. At least you know that with breastmilk she is still getting all the electrolytes and nutritions.....all the way down AND all the way back up! And if she happened to aspirate any of it, it wouldn't hurt her since it is a body fluid just like sweat and can be absorbed vs some other fluid that could cause problems.
    Knowing this comforted me as I nursed knowing it would all be back in awhile....