Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Random quote and unrelated photo of the week

A prank depends on (society's language expectations and constructs). If you end up seeing further into or through a situation, then the prank was a lesson; the prank was the vehicle for giving you a new insight. A prank only victimizes to the degree that people are attached to their level of reality - that's what it's really about. The more uptight and constipated someone is about their reality, the more the prank is offensive. The consequence in reality never outweighs the information gained through the prank. After all, the victim walks away. The victim is not hurt - only psychologically - but for his own good. Of course I'm thinking of good pranks, not regressive jock pranks.

Jerry Casale
media critic, founding member of Devo


  1. At my last job we pulled a prank on our photo happy, media attention grabbing boss. While he was away on vacation, we took a life size Alan Jackson picture with a photo of my bosses face on it around to all the other VP's and took pictures of "him." When he returned to the office, we showed him how busy he had been while he was away. We did do it for his own good! In his reality I don't think he realized his own nature so no offense was taken.