Friday, May 12, 2006

Made up holiday, real life mamas

Her Bad Mother suggested people share a mom blogger or two. So here we go, with one mama I have read for a while (and met in person) and another I just found:

Heather of Life In Mamaland recently did something very impressive. She stepped out of her comfort zone to tell a co-worker how she felt about an offensive email the person had sent to her. As bloggers, we have space to speak our minds online. It is easier to be honest here, where we know we'll get support from other parents. In person it can be hard, but Heather was honest with her co-worker. The co-worker responded just as you'd hope she would, but even if she'd been less responsive, Heather did the right thing. That's a brave mama, and she deserves to be celebrated.

I just started reading Blue Moon Mama, but I'm already a fan. I love that she describes herself as "a happy young liberal feminist absurdist existentialist". I love that she calls her son the Squeaker (and that he gets indignant when he doesn't get his own ice cream). And her son is clearly a genius. For evidence, see this.

Sunday may be an excuse to buy cards and spend money, but can also be a nice chance to celebrate cool moms. Happy Mother's Day!

(In honor of Her Bad Mother and her good idea, here's what she'd call a gratuitous baby photo. This one gives evidence that "the face" is back, at least occasionally.)


  1. Thanks so much!! I'm honored!

    One of the best things about getting blog comments is the opportunity to check out a whole new blog. Yours looks like a treat - I'm looking forward to reading it.

    Thanks again!! :-)

  2. I am so touched, I feel a few tears. Thanks for the props and you are a cool mama too.

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  4. I don't follow Her Bad Mother very regularly, but her idea was a terrific one! Maybe I should hang out there more ...

    I love the little face in your gratuitous photo, btw! I love squishy babies :)

  5. happy mothers day to you. I love the face. I am always amazed by the variety of faces A can make in a day, they are so expressive.

  6. I just checked out Blue Moon Mama and I'm also a fan of Heather. Great choices!

    Your photo is priceless. Have a wonderful Mother's Day!

  7. That is SOME FACE. Love it.

    Love the post.