Monday, May 15, 2006

Love the couch

We have a small leather couch in our "side room" (the room with the thirteen year old tv, a giant framed poster of John Coltrane's face, and a bunch of Ada's toys). Ada loves the couch. You know that line from the beginning of The Truth About Cats And Dogs, where Abby says: "We can love our pets, we just can't LOVE our pets."? Ada's love for the couch reminds me of that line.

Thinking about it, it is probably more accurate to say that Ada loves to love the couch. When we are in the side room, my gal likes to sidle up to the couch and give it big, wet baby kisses that leave Ada-slobber all over the seat and arm. I think we need to get out more, both for her sake and the couch's. Now that she's got four teeth, I'm not sure the couch can take much more of her love.


  1. darling. it's okay to love the couch. really, it is.

  2. I tell you there is something about leather and little kids. I just purchased some leather to make a mini Mammal for A because she loves sucking on leather that much. Any time she can get to her Robeez she sucks on them what is it?

  3. Leather is a great chew toy for kids, they just love it.

    We have that same poster of John Coltrane but my husband has it up in his studio. Since he plays saxophone Coltrane is a necessity in our house.