Monday, May 01, 2006

Bathroom humor

Sunday night, in the bathroom. I floss while Chris brushes his teeth. I look in the mirror and notice my sweater.

Me: I've been wearing this inside out. All Day.

C: (through the toothpaste) Mmmhmmm.

Me: And did you notice?

C: Mmmhmmm.


  1. oh, i did that with my bra a few times when i was pregnant. how does that work.

  2. Been there, done that.

    Worst post-partum wardrobe malfunction: misbuttoning my sweater - badly, like, four buttons off-kilter - and not noticing until *after* my in-front-of-75-snickering-students lecture.

    Worst pre-partum malfunction: tucking skirt into back-end of tights (yep, ass-back-end) after washroom visit. Finally noticing when I catch my bunched-up-ass reflection in shop window, *half-hour* later.

  3. teehehehee. I love when I have my MEDIUM sticker still on my shirt.

    Now it's large however and that's way more embarrassing.

  4. My husband would probably do the same thing to me. One day shortly after Aly was born I went to work with two different sandals on. They were both black and had about the same size heel but they were completely different. I didn't notice until I got to work. S did notice and decided not to tell me. I could have killed him. Not nice at all.

  5. Seriously, woke up this morning with my pj pants inside out. Trust me, it had nothing to do with unbridled passion.

  6. He is TOTALLY FIRED! That's his JOB, after all, to tell you those things.

    This morning in our house, the conversation was something like "Can you see my underwear thru my pants? It's striped." I'm still not positive he was telling the truth that it was OK.