Sunday, May 07, 2006

Bath Time is Papa Time

Most nights after Ada eats dinner, Chris and I take her upstairs to hang out on our bed for a while before bath time. This is one of my favorite times of day. Ada loves it too. I am not sure if it is her full belly, the knowledge that she'll soon be in the (beloved) bath, or something else that puts her in such a good mood, but even when she's been completely exhausted and crabby before dinner, afterwards she's happy and energetic. We pull off her shoes and socks and she arranges them, moving them around the bed repeatedly. We tickle her, do "this little piggy", sing and make her giggle. It is the one time of day when she's sure to have the undivided attention of both parents at once. Even better, we are at her level, reclining on the bed while she crawls around and over us.

Chris spent this afternoon at his school's graduation, leaving Ada and me to entertain ourselves on a rainy Sunday. Our usual routine went fine until we got to the bedroom. Ada was happy enough, but she kept pulling herself up on me and leaning over to look out the door. She was hoping to see Chris coming up the stairs to join us. The girl loves her Papa.


  1. This Little Piggie=Greatest invention ever. Who knew? It's only rivalled by Itsy Bitsy Spider which for some unknown reason makes my daughter instantly stop crying and smile.

  2. That is so sweet!

    It sounds like a wonderful routine.