Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Random quote and unrelated photo of the week

I arrived back here in July of 1999, ostensibly to visit my beloved papa for the summer, completely unaware that he was about to murder an Oklahoma businessman over a ten-per-cent stake in a nutria farm. But from the moment I bought my ticket I had a premonition that I wouldn't be returning to New York anytime soon.

Gary Shteyngart
A Love Letter


  1. Thanks for poking around, I promise it will better. I have been sick and very uncreative!
    Do not be impressed, I am usually overwhelmed and just puttting out fires. With one you can be realllllyy good.
    I love no pants.....and no shoes
    cool photo

  2. I'm commenting just to get rid of the "1 comments". For some reason, it's bugging me more than usual today.

    Carry on.

  3. Shouldn't someone be making cafe press baby tees out of that, like, stat? I nominate you. Amazing how just the image of this on a baby tee (versus a stained, ripped, smelly tee probably worn under a trenchcoat) can change the entire connotation.

  4. I agree with the baby tee idea. You should go for it.

    You have been tagged by me. Sorry! I no not fun but they are making me!

  5. for a second I thought that quote was actually you. . .