Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Poorer but wiser

Apparently when your care provider calls 911 because your child gets sick and her mom is 50 miles away at work, if the EMT decides that she does not need a ride to the hospital, your insurer will not pay for the EMTs time. (Ada is fine now and I'm glad she didn't need the trip.)

Oh, and when your husband rushes home to be with his child, he won't be able to talk his way out of a speeding ticket, though he may be able to get the amount of the ticket reduced. Cough ($100) Cough.

Update: Turns out that despite being a health policy wonk, I didn't know that if you call 911 and they send an ambulance to your house (versus you just calling an ambulance company to take you to the hospital), the county pays for the EMTs time. Well, you pay indirectly, through property taxes that fund 911, but still - no bill for the nonlinear family. Um, except for the ticket and resulting increase in car insurance rates. So never mind what I said about my insurance. And for my Canadian friends, stop feeling so smug about your health care system. We, your neighbors to the south, are jealous enough as it is.


  1. that sounds scary and sucky all around. i'm glad that things sound sort of ok. i hope they get much better quick!

  2. poor Ada! poor mama and daddy!

    i'm glad the little one is fine.

  3. Ada really is fine - she scared her care provider by vomiting a lot and maybe having a febrile seizure (which we now know is not uncommon in kids under 1, not actually something to worry about in context). Since I was in Salem, I told her to call 911, which brought the EMTs, who declared her to be fine when they got to her.

    I hesitated about posting about this, because I knew it would sound more dramatic than it was. It was scary in the moment, but now we are calling it a learning experience. Ada is up and causing trouble with our books as we speak, so things are back to normal.

  4. Drama! Drama! And the non-chalance makes it even cooler! (Well, that and the "everyone is fine" disclaimer.)

    Glad things are back to normal, but sorry you had the scare.

    Also, effing insurance.

  5. Sounds like they handled it well. So, looks like we need to have a Nonlinearmom garage sell so you can pay for that damn bill. Bastards!

  6. If we can't have our health care smugness what else do we have?

  7. That whole thing sounds super sucky. Super sucky. (Had to say that twice; no reason.) I'm so glad that she's fine.