Tuesday, April 25, 2006

The Most Depressing Kid's Song In The World

A couple of nights ago Ada protested bedtime, so Chris went up to soothe her. He came down after 10 or 15 minutes.

Me: Is she out?

C: Yeah. I rocked her and sang Puff the Magic Dragon

Me: Oh great, the most depressing song ever. I mean, the kid abandons the dragon, who gets depressed and won't leave his cave.

C: My mom sang it to me as a kid and I never thought about it that way. Maybe kids see themselves as Jackie Paper, growing up and moving on.

Me: But as a kid, when I thought about getting older it didn't preclude continuing to play with dragons, had any been available.

C: Yeah. I guess I just thought Jackie Paper was an idiot.

As a side note, when I googled for images using "Puff magic dragon" I got a link to this. And I won't link to it, but if you do a google image search with those words, there is another site with an interesting dragon. I just don't want to think about what making it felt like.

Update: on further reflection, I should have said that people not ok with internet nudity should probably not run that search.


  1. I always thought that song was a metaphor for pot smoking... :)

  2. Okay, that image search was...interesting. I should've known. That song always me sad as a kid too, but I remember listening to it, on purpose, when I felt maudlin.

  3. Puff always broke my heart. off to image search.

  4. Oh, it wasn't that I'm not "okay" with the nudity; that link just takes it a step further. No offense here, just more amazement!

  5. Funny. Growing up, my wife was never allowed to sing "Puff, the Magic Dragon." Her mom considered it to be a pagan song about smoking dope. Now, I hear it's about child abandonment. Who knew? I always thought it was just a fun, little ditty!

  6. How about "I should have said that people not ok with bad art should probably not run that search."

    Oh...my eyes.

    (Puff the Magic Dragon is totally suicide-inducing.)


  7. I so agree with you. Husband and I talk about this every time that it cycles through on Baby's Putomayo CD.

    But my impression was that Puff *dies* of loneliness, not just retreat to his cave. Or maybe I'm just that morbid.

  8. Although, duh, dragons live forever.