Friday, April 21, 2006

Caps, Caps for Sale! 50 Cents a Cap!

Did anyone else have the book "Caps For Sale" when they were kids? I loved this book. It's got monkeys, repeating words, a guy napping in a tree... I will have to find a copy for Ada.

In the mean time, a couple people have mentioned that they might like one of the hats made by my pal Stephanie. Anyone interested in buying one of these knit and felted wonders can contact Stephanie. She designed the hats, so if you are a knitter you might ask her about the pattern. The gal does have a day job, but she said she'd be happy to talk to you if your head (or that of someone you love) is cold. (Despite the title of this post, I can't guarantee that Stephanie will let her creation go for that low a price.)


  1. I didn't have the book, but i do vaguely remember it from the library...

  2. I have it now! Someone got it for me as a baby gift and it was like all the childhood memories came rushing back. As far as I know, it's still very much in print. Try b&n.

    If stephanie has a legit website or way of selling the hats, have her contact us at It's right up our alley!

  3. Damn that mom101 :) she beat me to it.

    They are fabulous. AND, I never had that book as a kid, but my friend bought it for my daughter and she LOVES it.

    Caps for sale, caps for sale...

  4. My kids LOVED that book - it's in the box I'm saving of "books for kids'kids"...

    thanks for the fun reminder!

  5. we have that book and my girls love it. so much so that they call their favorite Annie's mac 'n cheese "Caps for Sale" mac 'n cheese. it's the shells w/ white cheddar kind and the shells always nest into one another like all the peddler's caps.