Monday, April 03, 2006

Ada by the numbers

Times today that Ada showed all the signs of wanting a nap, but changed her mind once she was in bed and I'd walked out of her room: 1

Small pieces of egg yolk that Ada picked off the tray, put in her mouth and then spat out: 12

Times that I looked up from the newspaper to find Ada staring at me (and no doubt thinking what neglectful a mom she has): 2

Minutes that Ada's 9 am nap lasted: 67

Seconds after I buttered some toast that Ada announced that she was awake: 19

Objects Ada stuck in her mouth, pulled out to examine and returned to her mouth: 33

Number of those objects that were paper: 0 (She does not willingly remove paper from her mouth)

Number of times Ada lunged for paper and got some in her mouth before I could stop her: 2

Number of children in the doctor's waiting room that Ada charmed into making fools of themselves for her: 3

Number of those children that I didn't want to touch Ada because they'd just picked their noses: 1

Number of times Ada non-verbally requested to be moved from mom's to dad's to mom's arms while at the doctor's office: 6

Percentile length for age that Ada is curently: 90

Times Ada peed while undressed at the doctor's office: 2

Times she managed to spray mom with her urine: 1

Times since getting home that I've thought "why does it smell like pee in here?" before remembering I am wearing peed-on pants: 3

Times per hour that Ada grabbed my shirt in order to stand up, only to decide within 10 seconds that something on the floor required attention: 7

Times Ada broke out in full-fledged crying out of annoyance that she could not move a toy bucket twice her size: 1

Times Ada then managed to flip toy bucket over and dump its contents all over herself: 1

Times Ada scrunched up her nose in her new half smile, half grimace: 541

Times Ada made the scrunch face after I told Ellen she's doing it all the time: 0

Percent of the day that I felt intense love for my daughter and joy that she's in my life: 100


  1. Mothers that can relate to this post: 1 ,000,000,000

  2. Awesome! I like the "numbers" idea! Wonder why you would choose numbers? Baffles me!

  3. Oh and that look never gets old! Too funny!

  4. oh hey...the scrunchy face!! My now 5 yr old did it, we taught her to do it on command even! try it, its fun!
    I found your blog via a few others we apparently have in common AND that you are in Portland, as am I!
    Nice writing, cute idea, this list...I may have to steal it!