Thursday, February 16, 2006

Fathership Connection

Did I mention that Parliament used to totally put Ada to sleep? Scratch that. I meant, it still totally puts her to sleep. I had a meeting this afternoon (related to the job I am starting next month, but more on that later) and Chris came home to hang out with Ada. I got home around 4 and heard Ada complaining upstairs. It sounded like "I'm awake from my nap so pick me up", so I went upstairs and got her out of her bed. I could see Chris's legs on our bed in the other room, so I figured they'd both napped and he wasn't up yet. Well, apparently he'd just put her down and she was just whining a bit. Oops. Oh well, she and I played for a while. When Ada started to get a bit crabby, Chris put on the Parliament and started dancing her around. Like the "old" days, within 3 songs, she's out.

So is he.

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  1. Ahhhh...Nothing sweeter than a dad and his offspring.