Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Enjoying that February Break in the Weather

I love Forest Park. It is the nation's largest park in a metro area, and has over 40 miles of trails for walking and biking. I have had some great walks there with Chris, Karen and Ellen. Chris and I took a long walk there and talked about how to deal with our fertility issues. My parents and Karen strolled slowly with me when I was 8 months pregnant. I've seen cool birds, a fox and lots of spiders and other insects. On one walk with Ellen, she kept stopping to move slugs off the trail. Yes, slugs.

When the sun finally came out last sunday, Chris and I agreed it was time to take Ada there. The record rainfall we've received really shows in the park. Balch Creek is rushing and the flora is busting out all over. Ada seemed to enjoy it too. Or maybe it she was just excited by the snack I brought along for her.


  1. Um, it's "snack," Nora, not "the snack." :)

  2. so cute! jason wants to know what she's eating. i can't wait to get well and get out in this beautiful weather too.

  3. She's got a baby mum mum rice cracker. A mom from our play group gave her some and they seemed good because she can self feed, but then I noticed that they have sugar. Not sure she needs sugar yet. (more for me)