Saturday, January 28, 2006

The First Post

In which we try to figure out what the blog's name should be. Considered:

Poopy Fog
Our friend and neighbor Steven is a columnist for the Oregonian. In a recent column he noted that there were so many babies being born in the neighborhood that our street is shrouded in a poopy fog. I loved this one, but since I didn't make it up, I decided to use it in my descriptive subheading instead.

Aldered States
When I was in college, students named their rental houses. Two of the more enduring house names were "the dustbin" and "the fridge". My first summer in Portland, my best friend and I rented "the disco inferno", and I lived at "the love connection" my junior year. It morphed into "chanel no. 5" after I left. Chris lived in house-a-rama. My senior year we lived with a friend at Ellis Island, a great house with bad carpeting on Ellis Street. Now we live on Alder.

My Baby Can Lick Any Sonofabitch In The House
Well, it's true.

A is for Baby

Funny Bunny
I often call Ada "bunny", as in "oh, you are a funny bunny" or "oh bunny, bunny, bunny"

Mother, there is no other
google this phrase and "Mr. T". The song is so catchy, I find myself humming it all the time.

Alder Street Cafe
Chris liked this one, but couldn't defend it when I asked "why cafe?"

Ada Ada Lemonada
She's as fine as sweet potata.

We finally settled on Nonlinear Girl.
In college Chris baked for the student run cafe. His cookies were these great big, bumpy chocolate chip oatmeal cookies. He branded his cookies "nonlinear chocolate chip oatmeal cookies" so that people would know to ask for them by name. This is what happens when a physics major gets creative.


  1. holy smokes, we've never appared on a blogroll with just il dooce and one other! what an honor.

    I love the name, and love the poopy fog thing.

  2. After reading a bunch of blogs I decided I can only keep up with a few. I'm just learning - what a relief you didn't throw rocks!